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Gothic & Lolita Fashion

Singapore Community

Gothic & Lolita fashion in Singapore
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This community is for all fans and wearers of the Japanese gothic & lolita fashion style in Singapore.

Our aim is to provide a friendly, approachable platform for local fans & wearers of the fashion to make friends, chat, share ideas and resources, and learn from one another. If you are new to the fashion, do not be afraid to post! We hope that everyone will find this comm useful, and enjoy participating!

In order to keep everything hunky-dory, there are a few rules:

Fun topics to post in this comm:

  • Lolita, aristocrat, oujisama fashion styles and variants
  • Related activities eg. sewing, photo-shoots, shopping, meet-ups, food, home decoration

Things not to post here:

  • Off-topic issues, including but not limited to: other fashion styles not directly related to lolita; religion and politics; cosplay.
  • Content which is illegal or violates LJ's Terms of Service.
  • Insults, "snark", drama-mongering, flame-bait. We expect all members of the community to respect one another.
  • Any spam or advertisements for your shop/business. (Personal trades/sales are OK)

Use LJ-cut for:

  • Images exceeding 400x400 pixels or multiple images
  • Personal sales, trades, and "want to buy" posts. The whole post including descriptions and links must be behind an lj-cut.
  • Group order discussions - same as above
  • Any content that is long or of a large file-size.

Sales, promotions & misc:

  • Please limit personal sales to once a month or less.
  • We strictly do not allow any commercial advertising/promos. This is to keep the community neutral. If you run a lolita-related business, you can email the admins to be listed in the "shop directory" posts, in lieu of advertising.
  • Community promotions-please email for permission.
Members who flout rules will be warned, and banned on repeat offences. Spammers will be banned.

Admins of the community are not responsible for any transactions, dealings, meet-ups or privacy/safety between community members. Please exercise caution and common sense.

To contact admins: preferred mode is by email - gosuloli.sg@gmail.com