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Apr. 18th, 2007


Want to Trade: White BtSSB Headdress for Brand Ribbons

Feb. 22nd, 2007




I think that's what people around here say right? upz? Anyway, here's a notice to shopaholics in SG ^^ There's a *new* place called Central at Clarke Quay which sells lots of loli/punk-able stuff. There's brands like Girls!Talk (Japanese acessory shop), Mapleleaf (cheap Korean dresses) and Matsu (guys' casual tees with funky designs). Not to mention, the Hokkaido icecream shop is there!<3 they sell this really lovely pink cherry icecream which is absolutely wonderful. Okay, enough of me talking - here's a map and further details below:

map + other informationCollapse )

Jan. 31st, 2007



Poll + question?

hi all!

It's almost the New Year, I hope everyone is happy and refreshed ^^ anyway, is anyone interested in another meetup sometime in June? If possible, I would like to make it a yearly event :D I know June sounds rather far, but honestly last time it took around 3 months to prepare. I hope to see you all in attendence!

Poll for June MeetupCollapse )

Second part of the post - is anyone going to HK soon? I'll be there for 3 months to work, and it's rather depressing to go shopping alone. I'll be leaving on Feb 20th, and will only be back in May.

Oh yes, because I'm there - I don't mind providing a *free* courier service. If you want, you don't even need to pay for shipping (I go home once a month). Just email something like "Please look for pinkxwhite socks" and if I see it, I'll buy it in advance and you can paypal me. Or you can even request something totally random like "Please buy Macau's portegeuse egg tarts thanks".


Jan. 10th, 2007



Anyone interested?

Hi, I've got a couple of questions to ask:

1. Is anyone interested in an Innocent World/Victorian Maiden group order?

You see, I'm thinking of buying from them around Feb/March but they don't provide online shopping. Therefore, some kind of courier service needs to be used. I'll be buying an OP or JSK (haven't really decided....) so if anyone else wants to "hop on" it, they can contact me or something. We can do a large combined shipping thing, where everything comes in a standard box.

2. Can anyone recommend a *good* shopping/courier service of reasonable prices?

I've more or less confirmed my trip to Japan in July (around sale-season), but I'm short of 2people-ish to for a better discount. I will still go, but it's just cheaper in a group (cheapskateness!:D). So.

3. Is anyone interested in going to Japan around early July?

Here's a breakdown of the pricing:

Return ticket:
approx $600sgd (it would be even cheaper if we take stopoverflights)

We'll either be staying in Khaosan or Oak Hostel (depending on no. of people coming), it's around ~$25sgd/night. For 3 nights, it's $75. For more information, please search hostelworld.com

Food/transport - approx $100sgd

Assuming you want to buy:
1 OP, 2 JSKs, 2 skirts, 2 blouses + 2 socks (inclusive of tax, assuming 30%off sale price)

Total (with shopping): $2300sgd
Total (w/o shopping): $775~sgd

Note: because we're travelling in summer, we can get summer package deals because it is "offpeak"

Note2: fukuburo is wonderful stuff, but unless we can find someone to reserve for us, most likely we'll have to queue OR miss it.

Note3: Once the people is confirmed, we will be opening shopping comissions.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at sumeragi_@hotmail.com


Dec. 15th, 2006



More tea party details

Okay, I went down to Goodwood Park hotel, and the matre'd informed me that due to the festive season, the Afternoon Tea will be at $38 instead of $28. I don't know about you, but that price is absolutely ridiculous to me. $38 can buy me a pair of BTSSB socks, thanks :( So anyway, I'm changing venue.

Venue: Au Petit Salute, Jln Merah Saga
Time: 1.30pm, Lunch
Price: $22++
Restaurent website

Please meet at Orchard Mrt, control station at 1.30pm. After which we will proceed to the venue. If you wish to go there personally, please inform me

As usual, no deposit, no reservation. The deposit is $10, you can either meet me personally or meet me at EoY (I'm the Soujirou with a ponytail, no katana, a pink umbrella and sneakers). I'll be at EoY around 1pm-ish, and leave around 4pm-ish.

I'm kinda pissed off at Goodwood Park still, and I'm very sorry to those who are disappointed about it. If you can't make it, I really really understand because right now I wish I could strangle them :x Service charge will be split equally, don't worry about it. As for photographers, sak and I can do it. I did A level Art, and sak is from AEP.

I'm really sorry for all the trouble.


Dec. 11th, 2006



Tea Party Singapore


This is in reference to the tea party held on the 30th december at Goodwood Park, Singapore.

I called the hotel, and they said that due to the large number of people, you have to make a deposit for at least half the amount of people. Also, because it is a weekend, they would prefer if everyone took the buffet. It's like this: currently 24 people have reserved, the room capacity is 50 people. If 12 were to eat ala carte, they would lose 12 x $38 worth of business.

So here's the two choices:

1. Change the date to a weekday (say... 20th December) with at least half the number of people taking the buffet, with the rest taking ala carte.

2. Keep to the same day, and everyone eats the buffet.

Those taking a buffet must pay a $10 deposit, which will be returned to you (deducted from the final bill)

Please comment on your preference (please note that for every person taking ala carte, there must be one taking the buffet)

I apologize for any inconvience caused, and if need to be; I understand if you wish to remove your reservation.

PS. once you have confirmed, please do not remove your reservation as there is a deposit involved. Also, I would problably collect the deposit from you either during EoY or any alternative meeting place.

PPS. If you do not pay the deposit, I'll assume you're not attending


Dec. 9th, 2006

Noir ver 2012


Candy Violet Casual Loli Tees Group Order

Candy Violet Casual Loli Tees Group OrderCollapse )

Nov. 26th, 2006



Baby Group Order (Closed)




Hello there...Collapse )

Nov. 25th, 2006



tea party - last call!

Tea Party on Dec 30th, last call!Collapse )

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