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December 2009

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yuki, vk

liereicarine in gosuloli_sg

Dry-cleaning help!

Hi, a short introduction of myself first. I'm an occasional lolita, who's not very active in the local scene and doesn't own that many lolita clothes. But I still love lolita because it's beautiful. :) I've been an admirer of the fashion for close to 3 years now.

It's my first time to send something for dry-cleaning, but I got quite creeped out after googling and learning of cases where dry cleaners ruined stuff and washed their hands off it merrily. :| So now I'm being extra wary.

Do you all have recommendations for good dry-cleaners in Singapore? Good meaning fairly responsible, they seem like they know their stuff and are receptive to questions. I thought this community might know because lolitas probably dry-clean their clothes lots more than the ordinary Singaporean. :)

I'd also appreciate if you know how much it usually costs for a normal or chiffon dress to be cleaned.

Thanks for your time!


Hi, I know this is an extremely late reply but I hope this helps.

Dry cleaning is very expensive, coupling it with buying lolita clothing. I do try to get my clothes dry cleaned at least every other year, but most of the time its lightly dipped in water and airing them out to dry.

The problem with that is the running of the dye, and it happens to the cheaper quality clothing e.g. this red Marjour dress I own. Another problem is yellow spots, which eventually happens to all clothing.

My best bet is to use some cold water to dip in for the higher quality clothing. I wash my brand clothes e.g. Heart E Velvet Jumperskirt, Mary Magdalene OP, but send the lower quality clothing for dry cleaning. And go for the ones that use "organic" cleaning and not chemicals, because chemical cleaning leaves this certain smell.

P.S. Dry cleaning does not totally get rid of yellow spots, sweat stains, dye runs etc. It's really a risk you take for about $15 a piece.