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December 2009

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kurodatenshi in gosuloli_sg

A New Lolita!

Hi everyone! I'm new to lolita fashion and I love it. I hope I can learn more about lolita fashion from this community and make some new friends. I have no friends around me who are into lolita fashion, so I hope I can find solace here lol.  I also hope to do photoshoots soon, after my fractured foot is completely healed and I can start wearing my heeled maryjanes ^^; Oh, and if you're on www.sgcafe.com, my forum username is liliya.

By the way, just curious, but what's the average age of Singaporean lolis? I'm 21 and I feel terribly old, but I've been told that I look like 16 or 17 (don't know whether to be happy or not).

I'm into Classic Lolita, so if you have lolita things related to Classic Lolita and want to sell, do contact me. I might want to buy it ^^

At this moment, I am looking for blouses and skirts like this:

And I also need a Pannier, preferably black and can be worn as a normal skirt. (Yes shame on me, I have lolita dresses but no pannier)

I'm also selling stuff: A pink lolita OP, a navy-blue classic OP and a sweet lolita blouse. Click here for pics and details.


Hello, welcome to the comm. =)
Congrats on your recovery. XD
Thank you! ^_^
many best wishes for your recovery & welcome to the SG Rori community.

the age ranges from 14++? to 30++, so don't feel old.

In any event, I am older than you & I still love my sweet rori, so don't worry about it too much.

Thanks! ^_^ Oh I'm glad to meet you here! A lot of loli-lovers I see on the SGCafe forum that I'm on are in their teens which did make me a bit worried. By the way, I saw your LJ site. Great dolls and photography!
Thank you:)

There are quite a few of us 'older' roris, but we aren't so active on places like sgcafe. :)

Nice to meet you too!

Hello! Welcome to the community. ^^

I just turned 20 (yesterday!), so don't worry, you're not as old as you think you are.

For a pannier, you might want to commission Miwitch for one. The quality is decent and the price is rather reasonable. Also, just a note: Since you're into classical lolita, an A-line pannier may be more practical than the usual bell/cupcake shape ones used in sweet lolita etc, as classical pieces tend to use the A-line shape for skirts and dresses more than bell/cupcake shape. :)
Happy Belated Birthday! ^_^
Thanks for the advice! I didn't know that I had to consider the shape of panniers! I will certainly be looking out for A-line ones.
I wanted to commission Miwitch but it seems that they are on new year break and I do want one rather urgently :(
There were some panniers in Black Alice 2 days ago, I'm not sure if they have already sold out. (it may be unsuitable as a skirt tho)

Oh I just saw their email about their update. I think they might have sold out. They sell out pretty fast T_T Besides it's quite far for me so I guess by the time I find time to get there they will be gone =X
There are still black panniers at BA currently.^^ The white ones tend to sell out faster. XD If i remember correctly its around $35ish?
Thanks for the info! Oh 35ish is not bad and BA does sell nice things. I only wish it wasn't so far from my house T_T I'll only have time to go there after 16th. Wonder if they will be gone by then =X
Haha, thanks! :D

No problem~ ^^ I wasn't aware of that either when I first started out. Which is why my cupcake/bell-shaped one is collecting dust and the A-line one isn't, lol.
Happy belated birthday! XD
LOL, thanks XDDD
hi~ I'm quite a newbie too =) *hugs* Don't worry about feeling too old! I'm sure there are a lot of people your age =) besides one shouldn't feel too restricted by their age in their fashion :3

I hope you have an early recovery!
Hi! Nice to meet a fellow newbie too! *hugs back*
And thanks for your well wishes! =)
Heh true I like to dress uniquely from my friends and family, though sometimes it's a bit hard cos' they will make all sorts of comments >.< But they don't criticize, they just think that it's 'different'. haha.
Hello, welcome to the comm!
The age range for the local scene is quite wide, so don't worry, you're just about mid-range. XD

You might wanna check egl_comm_sales if you have a Paypal account.
Thanks for the welcome and the link! ^_^
Hello! ^_^
Hope your foot get healed up soon~
Like the rest have said, there are as young as 14+ ~ 30+.
I haven seen any pannier that might be used as a skirt too though. As those I seen usually are translucent/netting/tulle type. Maybe you are thinking of an underskirt?
Thank you! ^_^
Oops yes I think underskirt is the right word. I need to brush up on my lolita vocabularly.
But what do you think of this: http://item.rakuten.co.jp/bodyline/gothic102
Someone's selling it to me. It's the netting kind but it could also be worn with a long top right?
It can, but you'll get called on for wearing a petticoat on the outside. It's almost the equivalent to wearing underwear on the outside (learned that the hard way)
Maybe wear a thin skirt on the top just to cover most of the petti? You might be able to get way with a bit of the tulle showing.
I'm not sure about the age thing, I've been admiring Lolita from the time I was 13. Only recently did Lolita take over my life (more or less XD) Hope your foot got healed~!

hi and welcome to the comm ! ^^