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December 2009

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trinity of BFFs

shaoyang_ in gosuloli_sg

SALES POST - image heavy

♥ All items in Singapore dollars
♥ I accept bank transfers and cash upon meetups. Transfer to POSB Savings 209-14746-7.
♥ Price negotiable only for those indicated.
These are rough measurements. Let me know if you need any more measurements.
♥ Items will be washed and ironed before it gets to you.

♥ No overseas buyers, sorry! >.<

*Click on thumbnails to enlarge

Body Line Heart Frills Jumperskirt, $70

This is my first ever jsk, bought in 2005! I still love it very much. Bought it for $100+. Worn out twice, tried on a few times. Waistline falls above natural waist.
Has pretty ruffled hearts at the bottom and shirring at the back.
Waist: 63 - 74cm

Without pannier

                            With pannier                               


Angelic Pretty Pink Heart Skirt, $180 *ON HOLD*

This was only worn once and is in mint condition, almost brand new. Bought it for ¥15540 which was around $200. It has a very nice cupcake shape, with pintucks and lots of ruffles and ribbons. Has lining inside with a layer of tulle. Fits S to M.
Length: 53cm
Waist: 63cm - 75cm




    With pannier                           Without pannier

A+Lidel Strawberry Skirt, $60
This is a very versatile skirt. Can be worn as a casual skirt, a lolita skirt or a punkish skirt. I think.
Bought at around $150, but letting it go cheap because it was worn quite a number of times and some pilling had formed. Has ruffles at the hem and no lining. Stretchable waist.
Comes with a maroon upper layer.
Length: 43cm
Waist: 63cm - 90cm

With pannier


4) Algonquins Butterfly Skirt, $100 *PRICE NEGOTIABLE*

This was also bought for $150. Worn out twice and still in very good condition. Good for punk outfits. Has 3 layers; soft tulle, butterfly print fabric and red fabric with ruffles. Stretchable, can fit S - L, I suppose.
Length: 40cm
Waist: 72cm - 100cm

Back is same as the front.

5) Angelic Pretty Poodle Tote Bag, $35 SOLD
6) Swimmer Polka-dotted Rabbit Bag, $35 SOLD

That's all! Feel free to ask if you have any enquiries! Please ask/comment under the comment boxes designated for each item below. ^^ Please don't pm me on sgcafe regarding the items here. (Very messy!) Thank you :)
Remember to look here for my other items!

For even more images of the above items (tags, details, etc look here)


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1) Body Line dress

Re: Comment here for

hey, can i know what is the full length of the dress? D:
Hi! :D
The full length from straps to hem is approx 85cm, and from straps to waist is approx 40cm.~ I'm 155cm, and it falls around 8cm above my kness. Hope that helps!

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2) Angelic Pretty skirt

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3) A+Lidel skirt

Re: Comment here for

pretty skirt ! i love it but 90cm i scare abit too tight on me and i also dun noe how to match a top with it. XD

nice to meet ya at EOY ! ^^

Re: Comment here for

I like this skirt! What material is it made of? (sorry I'm quite bad at identifying material from pictures). Does it need ironing?
Hi! :DD
Gah, I'm lousy with cloth materials. I think it's cotton. If you want, I can arrange a meetup so you can see the skirt for yourself, but you're not obliged to buy it. ^^
Oh, and generally it looks okay without ironing, but the ruffles at the bottom need it or it'll flip over.

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4) Algonquins skirt

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5) Angelic Pretty Bag


Re: Comment here for

Hi! I would love to get the AP tote bag (:
I'm xelectroxcute on sgcafe or you can email me at talktothehand-@hotmail.com
Thanks! <3


Re: Comment here for

hi . i am interested in the angelic pretty tote bag and skirt , pls email me at beautyserect@hotmail.com . thanks !
Emailed you!~

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6) Swimmer Bag

Re: Comment here for

Woo! I like this bag! *shake hand* deal!
heard you might be coming to black Alice shop with Kaori. can i trade with you then? sms me at 91375430 okie?

Re: Comment here for

Yay!! Okay! Hmm.. I don't know when I'm able to go down, probably next week? Anyway I'll sms you! Thank you :3

Re: Comment here for

Hi Shaoyang, thanks soo much for your gift. We really appreciate it very much! We're going to share it at the shop.
For the bag, is it ok if i drop by on tue evening about 8-9pm at your void deck (wherever is it...)? Tim can drive me there.
Otherwise, i transfer to your bank and you mail to me? I'm thinking of carrying it to EOY leh... thanks!!!
Aww you're welcome! :D
I'm planning to go to Black Alice tomorrow late afternoon, will you be there?
yea! I'll be there from 4pm-6pm. If i don't get to meet you, Joie will be around. I can leave the money with her. shouldn't be a prob.


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hi, is this taken?
i can pay via ibanking
It's on hold now, sorry! If the first person falls through, you'll be next in line. I'll let you know. Thank you!

Re: Comment here for

Swimmer bag is now sold! Thanks for your interest!~
OT but isnt that Isabel :O
XDD Yesy. Clever girl! 8D
Ehhh why you don't want to sell overseas? More chance of selling IMO XD
Hmm I know.. but I'll see how the response is selling locally first! I have yet to make a paypal account. Lulz.
A+Lidel skirt is nice. hohoh. Oh well, next tiem ;-;
It will wait for you! You know you want it!
oooohhh how ye taunt me ;-;

strawberry skirt???


where are you shipping from and what would be the length of the straberry skirt??? will it fot a 26 waist???


Re: strawberry skirt???

Hi there! I reside in Singapore, but I'm afraid I can't sell overseas as I don't have paypal, and it wouldn't be safe to send huge amounts of cash via mail. I hope you understand! Thanks for looking though! ^^