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December 2009

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verdandi_magic in gosuloli_sg

WTS: Anna House Lilac Floral Skirt

Hi, I'm selling a skirt from a Hong Kong Indies Brand "Anna House"
The skirt is FULLY elasticated (The elastic band can go up to 108 cm fully stretched~!)
Length of skirt is 45 cm
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The Tag and The waist bands
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Venetian Lace and Embroidered Cotton Lace is used on the skirt
The fabric on the skirt is a smooth medium weight cotton and surprisingly easy to take care of!
The skirt is worn once, hand washed and line dried, Ironing is not necessary!
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I'm asking for SGD 70 for the skirt as it is the only piece sold by Anna House and the price is higher than their standard pieces because of the fabric used


SGD 70?

I dont knwo what currency that is
it's singapore dollars
This is a singapore community if you have not noticed =)
I am interested in it also. Do you ship to Australia? If so how much is it by registered post? Do you accept payments by non-cc paypal?
Is this still for sale?
yes it is =)
ooh i really like it. been wanting to get a skirt from annahouse for ages. But I need to get a pannier first >_< and I've got to sort out my Wanted List (There are too many things that I want to buy!) Well I'll think about it. Thanks!
i suppose it won't be sold anytime soon
florals doesn't seem to be popular locally =)
anyways, you'd be saving on the ridiculous shipping fees annahouse charges
I agree =) I didn't want to buy anything directly from annahouse yet cos' of the shipping. So I was glad to find your post. And it's hard to find floral skirts in singapore, but I do love them.